When we bought our house, we fell in love with the large windows that brought a lot of light! Large windows are challenging when it time to install curtains.

For my part, I am lucky to have a mother who was able, with the help of her sewing machine, to help make our windows the focal point of the room. Before starting our own DIY projects, I surfed on the Web to find ideas related to large windows in a living room and here what I found…

Cococozy presents beautiful curtains for large windows. The blue color is also presents in the chairs and presents a calm and serene atmosphere.

Loft Curtains presents simple white curtains that creates an effect of grandeur to the room surrounded by brick walls.


A measuring tape
Sewing scissors
A sewing machine
A rod


  1. Measure the window: Place a measuring tape over the window and measure the distance to the level where you want the curtain to stop. Then measure the width of the window in the same way. Add 10 cm to the width and 30 cm to the length.
  2. Select your fabric: It must be strong and filter the desired amount of light. Note that polyester is an inexpensive fabric and available in various thicknesses and colors, while cotton and linen let some of the light outside, which can be interesting.
  3. Cut out the fabric: Cut out your fabric according to the dimensions you have calculated previously.
  4. Sew the edges: Fold the side edges of the fabric upside down on 2 cm and pin them. Iron them quickly to mark the folds and it’s time to sew with a machine these folded edges.
  5. Sew the top: Fold the top of your curtain down 8 cm and sew it in place. To form the tube in which the rod will pass, fold the upper edge so that the folded strip is at least twice as wide as the rod. Pinning, ironing the fold is the time to sew everything with your machine.
  6. Sew the bottom of the curtains: Make a hem of 6 cm with the bottom of your curtain. Pinning, ironing the fold is the time to sew everything with your machine in the same way as the top edges.

Curtains or fabrics in liquidation + a sewing machine = a new look for our living room at a lower cost! and a big THANKS to my mom… She bought curtains that were too long for our windows and used the fabric to create our own curtains.

and you, who helps you in your interior design projects?