Our home away from home

Our home away from home

Sierre in Switzerland is our second home, our home away from home. At least once a year, we meet our friends on the other side of the ocean for a few days to enjoy lots of wine & cheese.

We have many options when it is time to figure out where we will stay… one on them is in the mountain in the same building as the restaurant Le Bois Sauvage in Hérémence.

You can rent a room or an appartment ! You need a car to get there, and don’t be afraid to drive in winding roads … but the scenery is magical and worth the trip!

When we want/need to be closer to the city, we always stop at the Hotel La Poste, which offers us an amazing service and we are near the arena which allows us to go see a hockey game (HOP SIERRE!).

The Hotel de la Poste is a beautiful building dating from the 18th century and welcomed renowned visitors such as the writer Goethe and the poet Rilke. Look at our room, the celling is amazing !

We brought back a new raclette grill and many interior design inspiration like this one for our kitchen !

And you, where or you travelling ? Are you inspired by amazing places you visited ?


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