Entry door & color choices

Entry door & color choices

The turquoise entry door comes from Designmag which has several entry doors of different colors in its blog, which inspired me to start my own reflection on the color that I will have to choose in the coming weeks.

Usually, the exterior doors of houses are white or black … but why not dare and choose a color with more punch? Here are some inspiring ideas to help you choose the future color of your home front door.

Lushome presents a beautiful rich purple door! A tasty blend of blue and red, two very complementary primary colors that bring a distinguished natural side.

Photo Credit: Lushome

My favorite color has always been bright red … and every time I see a house with a door of this color, I’m in love.Home Stratosphere presents a beautiful red door.

Photo credit: Home Stratosphere

Blue is also one of my favorite color… When I found the Blue Door Living blog , I also found a blue door I would love to have at home!

Photo credit: Blue Door Living blog

I would never have thought of putting a natural wood entry door, butEmily Henderson presents a beautiful one on her blog…

Photo credit: Emily Henderson

And you, what color would you like to have your front door? A punchy color or something more classic like white or black ?


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