DIY ideas for Valentine’s Gift

DIY ideas for Valentine’s Gift

Valentine’s Day is around the corner… and I love to find something special for my valentine, my daughter ! Many online stores offer gifts to celebrate that day… but maybe creating my own gift this year can be awesome !

I found on the web different gifts to create easily… here is some ideas of DIY’s projects.

Charlene from LC Living is an interior decorator and product stylist from Toronto and she presents the perfect bath bombs for your loved ones or to treat yourself because everyone deserve it!

Photo Credit: LC Living

Craft Passion shows us how to create a Valentine Pillow for our living room or our kids bedroom.

Or maybe creating Lavender Sachets for your love ones… Here is a project done by Beauty for Ashes.

And you, which project would you work on for Valentine’s Day ? Would you create something or just go buy chocolate & flowers ?

Send us your creations, we would love to see it.


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