Backsplash ideas for kitchen!

Backsplash ideas for kitchen!

Norstone USA presents amzing ideas for backsplash… The look of real stone adds a distinguished design to any kitchen!

After renovating our kitchen, we now have to select the backsplash. So many aspects to think about: style, budget and maintenance we are comfortable with and… the color !

A backsplash will give character, prestige and brilliance to the kitchen… Here is some ideas to explore before selecting which material will be used for our kitchen.

CERAMICS are the most common types of backsplash and come in a variety of style, shapes and sizes. This CIOT ceramic presents a small texture softly carved in soft colors with individual, singular curves.

Photo credit: CIOT

SHEET OF GLASS: Some people love to choice a sheet a glass for their backsplash. Bright and colorful, we can select our own design. It is also easy to clean. However, it is quite fragile and difficult to cut if you plan to do the installation. Thanks Dulles Glass & Mirror for the red backsplash idea.

Photo credit: Dulles Glass & Mirror

STONE/MARBLE: Stone and marble are both durable natural material. However, some types of stone are porous and require sealing. The fact that it require a higher maintenance than ceramic or porcelain can’t be ignore when we make are decision. Thanks MSI Surfaces for the inspiration!

Photo credit: MSI Surfaces

And you… which backsplash have you selected for your own kitchen ? Your choice is related to your budget or all maintenance aspects ? Any comments or regrets ?


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